Julibox Delivers Good Libations

There is something about a great cocktail that brings a smile to anyone’s face. However, paying an arm and a leg for the cocktail can sometimes turn the smile upside down. Don’t you sometimes wish you knew how to create that favorite cocktail just right? Or that you had all the necessary ingredients on how to whip up that new sexy drink when some friends just pop in unexpectedly? The wanna-be mixologist in me yearns to have a trick or two up my sleeve to show off before a dinner party. And thanks to Julibox I may be able to do just that!

Every month Julibox delivers the what and how right to your door. You’ll receive everything you need to make two distinct cocktails and enough ingredients to make a total of four cocktails. When I say everything, I mean everything. Your libation package includes the spirits and mixers. This is a delivery service any aspiring at-home mixologist cannot live without! If you enjoy your tasty-teasers, you can either head to the store and pick up all full-sized “must have’s” to recreate your imbimbe or visit Julibox and order for at-home delivery. This is an affordable gift for a friend or even something to totally Marinate yourself in! Cheers!

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